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How Data Accuracy Changes Account-Based Marketing

It's clear that data plays a major role in the overall success of any lead generation program, but how can it shape your ABM?
  • Leadiro uses targeted buyer insights to provide a snapshot of your ideal accounts and prospects.
  • Your account data evolves over time to ensure your campaigns are always relevant.
  • With over 150 industries, Leadiro forms your targeted accounts with meaningful data, helping you create and nurture your ICP.

What Fresh Data Does For Your ABM

As your ABM campaigns grow, so does Leadiro.
  • Stay on top of contact movements and job title changes.
  • Seamlessly add new contacts to your targeted accounts.
  • Quickly engage surging accounts with up-to-date contact info.

Scalable Data for Modern Demand Generation

ABM is at the core of every demand generation marketer, sometimes even forming the entire sales process. In fact, over 92% of marketers shape their demand generation around ABM strategies in 2021.
How does Leadiro work for your ABM needs?
  • Quickly upload your key accounts with APIs from all major CRMs.
  • Port over updated information based on the contact details you provided.
  • Segment your campaigns by using our innovative filtering options, designed for ABM programs.

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The Future of Business Intelligence Starts with Custom Insights

Access data from 4 key tracks.
  1. Company Data
  2. Customer Data
  3. Buyer Intent
  4. Technology Install

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Data Compliance is Key in 2021 Account-Based Marketing

Every piece of data that Leadiro pulls is compliant with GDPR and International spam laws. To ensure your success, we have a team of customer experience managers trained in the best use-cases for data management.

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Powerful APIs for a Powerful Solution
Through intelligent API tracking, Leadiro works with all of today’s leading CRMs and marketing technologies. If it has an API, we can integrate it.

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