Leadiro: Your Alternative to Data.com

Data.com is retiring on 4th of May 2019. So, it’s time to look for an alternative.

If you are looking for a way to purchase B2B contact databases, then you have probably stumbled upon Data.com. Data.com is a massive data vendor with a database of millions of companies and countless contacts. You can search the database for contacts relevant to your marketing campaign and then download them to build a new list of leads for your marketing team to use.

There are definite perks to using Data.com. The company’s database is admittedly vast, spanning many industries and countries. Data.com also integrates with Salesforce, which means it is extremely simple to use if your company uses the Salesforce platform.

The Drawbacks of Using Data.com

If you have used Data.com before, though—or even if you have just read some of the chatter around the business on the internet—you probably know about the drawbacks. The contacts on Data.com are “crowdsourced” and “aggregated,” which means the connections come from users of the platform. While this facet probably contributes to the breadth of industries and countries that Data.com offers, it also leads to inconsistencies in how much detail each contact entry includes. For instance, some contacts include email addresses and phone numbers, while others only have emails.

There are also accuracy problems. The contacts added to Data.com lists are not verified or tracked, which means they can quickly fall out of data but remain part of the database. The common fear of buying email lists—that the information will no longer be usable, due to contacts leaving companies or changing roles—is very much an issue with Data.com.

Try Leadiro, a Data.com Alternative

If you like the idea of what Data.com is offering, but don’t want to risk paying money for subpar or unusable contacts, Leadiro might be the right fit for you. Like Data.com, we sell B2B contact lists spanning many industries and countries. Like Data.com, we let you search our database using various criteria and then download the contacts that are relevant to your campaign. However, there are also a few crucial differences between us and Data.com that makes us a compelling Data.com alternative. These differences include:

  • No crowdsourcing or aggregate data: “Crowdsourcing” and “aggregate data” are smart-sounding buzzwords right now, but they honestly don’t work when it comes to B2B data. Contact details for purchasers and decision makers change too much for these methods to be successful. At Leadiro, we take it upon ourselves to monitor each of our contacts, so that we can update our database as people move roles or leave their companies. As a result, you can always trust our databases to be up to date and accurate. We prefer to say that we are selling business intelligence rather than just another email list.
  • More detailed contact entries: Simply getting an email address isn’t enough if you want to mount a targeted B2B campaign. Our databases include email addresses, but they also feature names, job titles, industry details, geographic locations, technology install base intelligence, and advanced firmographic and demographic profiling. These details not only make our contacts less complicated to use in your campaign but also render the profile selection process much more manageable.

As you can see, Leadiro is a Data.com alternative with more information, more intelligence, and more benefits for users. If you want to learn more, why not just try Leadiro today?

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