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Not all leads are created equal. Focus on ones that matter with Confirmed Connect.

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Engagement-Focused B2B Lead Generation
Close leads, acquire new customers and watch your revenue soar.
Strategic Lead Qualification

Verify in-market buyers and track engagement levels per individual lead to find legitimate prospects with genuine buyer intent.

Fuel campaigns with globally-compliant contact details.
Healthy Pipeline Development

Search over 60M vetted contacts to pinpoint high-priority, conversion-ready leads.

Close leads, acquire new customers and watch your revenue soar.
Boosted Sales and Marketing Revenue

Redirect sales and marketing efforts toward leads with verifiable buyer intent, saving you valuable time (and money) in the lead gen process.

Above and Beyond Industry-Standard Lead Gen

Everyday, sales and marketing teams face the challenge of finding legitimate buyers with the highest propensity to convert. And with only a limited number of marketing resources available, it’s often an uphill battle to pinpoint prospects with valid buyer intent. So why waste time chasing sub-par leads with little to no return? Focus on leads that matter with Confirmed Connect.

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Data-Driven Lead Generation for Fast ROI

Confirmed Connect gives customers a strategic, streamlined approach to B2B lead generation using both contact validation and engagement tracking.

Unlike other intelligence solutions that merely validate email addresses and phone numbers through standard check tools, Confirmed Connect takes it a step further, tracking content engagement levels per individual lead. As a result, users can pinpoint legitimate contacts who express genuine buyer intent through repeated content engagement.

How It Works

  • Every month, we execute millions of outbound engagements via phone and email to over60M contacts across our platform.
  • Overtime, we collect data on those communications and identify specific contacts who have engaged with customers’ content over a 30, 60, or 90-day period.
  • Confirmed Connect then allows customers to search vetted contacts and pinpoint high-priority leads over those with less potential to convert.

Key Benefits of Confirmed Connect

  • Fast-tracked lead qualification
  • Strategic lead scoring
  • Prioritization of sales and marketing resources
  • Increased engagement rates
  • Accelerated sales and marketing revenue

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