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Business contact database connecting you directly to decision makers.

108 countries

all industry sectors

B2B Customer Data Platform covers the following sectors: Advertising/Media/Publishing, Aerospace and Aviation, Agriculture and Forestry, Automotive, Banking/Accounting/Financial Biotechnology, Computer and Technology, Education and Training, Engineering and Construction, Entertainment/Travel/Hospitality Food and Beverage, Government and Public Administration, Healthcare, Insurance, Legal Solutions, Manufacturing, Marketing Non profit Organizations, Other Industry Not Listed, Pharmaceutical, Public Relations, Real Estate, Retail and Wholesale, Scientific Telecommunications, Transportation and Shipping, Utilities, VAR/VAD/System Integrator

47+ million contacts

294k Companies
20 Million Decision Makers
30 Million Validated Emails

CXO, VP, Director, Head, Manager Business, Finance, Admin,
HR, IT, Legal, Marketing, Operations, Procurement, Sales,

Validated data

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Leadiro’s unique Contact Validity Score (CVS) ensures only contacts with a score of 95% or higher make it into our live database. We utilize Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning tools in conjunction with language translation technology to cleanse and validate our data set. Additionally, Leadiro’s partners are actively sending out millions of emails and making tens of thousands of calls into the data set daily, with all of the intelligence gathered used to cleanse the database further.

Quality data is important for you so it’s paramount for us

We cross-reference all our data with numerous government registries, postal records, and use digital email verification technology to validate emails.

Advanced Data Selection

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Filter using advanced firmographic and demographic profiling to uncover ideal prospects.

Create your list using dozens of different criteria options like; Job Title, Job Level, Job Function, Job Type, Company Name, City, State, Country, Employees, Industry, Sub-Market and more.

Segment Campaign Audiences

Create and save multiple campaign audiences based on your unique criteria. Utilize your buyer personas to filter and segment our data into specific prospect lists.


  • Firmographic Filters
  • Segmentation
  • Demographic Filters
  • ICP & TAM
  • Technographic Filters

Target Specific Geographic Regions

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Reach B2B buyers in 108 countries from America to Zambia and everything in-between.

Looking to expand into a different country?

Leadiro empowers B2B organizations to expand their geographic reach by providing access to over 108 countries prime for your products and solutions.

Looking for a single platform with a global reach?

If you already have sales & marketing reps targeting different geographies, then sign-up to a Premium plan to share your download credits across the team and target dozens of countries at once.


  • 108 Countries
  • Segmentation
  • ICP & TAM

Account Based Marketing

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Account Based marketing (ABM) is one of the most effective ways to generate more revenue for your business. Leadiro empowers you to supercharge your ABM campaigns by allowing you to import predefined ABM lists into the Leadiro platform at lightning speed.

Accurate Data is King

It’s important that you hold accurate and reliable data on all the decision makers and influencers involved in the purchasing process within your ABM accounts. Use Leadiro to give you fresh intelligence, fill in the data blanks that you have or target additional stakeholders.

Technographics: Technology Install Base Data

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Integrated into the Leadiro platform is the World’s largest repository of technographic intelligence which maps the technology installation base information of hundreds of thousands of companies. Sales and marketing departments from Fortune 500 companies to the fastest growing start-ups rely on our data to generate leads and pipeline.

Technology Install Base

Understanding the hardware, software and technology solutions that your prospect Accounts are using gives you the opportunity to develop competitive displacement campaigns as well as upsell and cross-sell offers. Use technographic data to create detailed personas that guide sales messaging and perfectly timed recommendations.

Covering over 6500 different technology solutions like; CRM, BI, ERP, Accounting, Marketing Automation, Email Marketing, Network Security, Antivirus, Email Platforms, Warehousing, Inventory Control and much more.

technographic intelligence

Automatically Sync your data with some of the leading marketing tools:

Leadiro is used by thousands of professionals in leading companies.

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