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Providing the data you need to meet your next lead.

Globally compliant data

DemandScience Intelligence's data fully complies with GDPR and CCPA requirements. Using legitimate interest as an appropriate legal basis our customers can use our business data for the sending of direct business to business marketing communications, provided they do so following the applicable data protection laws and regional derogations. In this respect, employees of a public or corporate entity may be contacted for direct business to business marketing under an unsubscribe / opt-out basis.

95% precision rating

We utilize Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning tools in conjunction with language translation technology to cleanse and validate our data set. Additionally, Leadiro’s partners are actively sending out millions of emails and making tens of thousands of calls into the data set daily, with all of the intelligence gathered used to cleanse the database further.

Deliverable contact details

At Leadiro every contact and record are subject to both a 30 day refresh cycle and a 90 day mass update cycle, to ensure that the data you select is at peak accuracy we will also credit or replace records that do not reach this level of performance.

Data Transparency

Forget the headaches!

DemandScience's database is built to comply with GDPR and privacy-first policies, globally. We guarantee a 95% validation score.

Prospect in peace!

Our Intelligence solution is CCPA compliant - we have strict policies in place regarding the protection and use of our data.
Fuel your outreach with our industry-leading intelligent data that takes the guesswork out of marketing and planning. Go to market with confidence in your campaign execution.
Buyer Intent Topics

Target ideal customers based on buying signals.


Filter prospects by technology install.

Email Deliverability

Reduce email bounce rate with verified contact data.


Get in front of the people who matter!

The Intelligence database
An overview of our data acquisition process
We search 4 billion web pages for white papers, case studies, social networks, news articles, blogs, press releases, job adverts, management profiles and BOD profiles.
Machine Learning
Machine learning tools then extract essential contact information in preparation for submission to our raw data set.
Raw Data
Information is stored in our raw data repository and appended, validated and quality assessed.
Clean & Verified Data
Only information that meets a high validity score is added to the database that our clients can access.
Hyper-Focused B2B Data
Build segmented audiences using our 4 key pillars
Company Data
Company Data
Connect directly with decision-makers.
Contact Data
Contact Data
Seamlessly find and engage ideal buyers.
Technology Install
Technology Install
Pitch a perfect offering based on technology insights.
Buyer Intent
Buyer Intent
Target your perfect customer based on buying signals.

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