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Which B2B data solution is better for my business: Leadiro or ZoomInfo?

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Looking for a ZoomInfo alternative? You’re in the right place. With over 41 million business contacts and an affordable pricing model, Leadiro is the ideal B2B data solution for you. ZoomInfo is a powerful business contact database and we’re not going to try to convince you otherwise. But, if you’re reading this it’s because you’re doing your due diligence and want to choose the right solution. The quality of your B2B data could determine the results of your next sales and marketing campaign, so you need to ensure you’re picking the best solution for your needs. ZoomInfo is a powerful data platform but when you're on their website you’ll quickly see that it’s aimed at enterprise customers. Their pricing is hidden and you’ll need to request a callback in order to learn more.

If you’re looking for a more affordable B2B data solution that can go toe-to-toe with ZoomInfo, then we’d love to show you why Leadiro is a good fit for your needs. We’re going to take a look at some of the best reasons to choose Leadiro to power your sales and marketing going into the next quarter. We’ll compare ZoomInfo and Leadiro in several key areas:

Let’s look at the first comparison point:

Data Quality

The most important requirement of any B2B data solution is high-quality and accurate data. If your data is bad, you're wasting time and money. Inaccurate email addresses will lead to high bounce rates. If direct dials are wrong, your sales reps will waste hours on the phone. Luckily for you, both Leadiro and ZoomInfo are trustworthy sources of data. Both solutions use the latest tech to source B2B data from around the web, and data is vetted before it's added to either database. ZoomInfo has an in-house team to verify the performance of their data algorithm. At Leadiro we judge our data with our Contact Validity Score (CVS). We cross-reference our data with government registries, postal records, and a range of other official sources and we then use email verification technology to confirm that every email in our database is valid. Any data with a CVS of under 95% doesn’t make it into our database.

Check out our quick video below which shows how the Leadiro database is built:

The Data Quality Verdict: Draw
Both ZoomInfo and Leadiro use machine learning tools to source and validate their databases with large teams who also perform quality assurance checks.

Database Size

Another key criteria for your choice of B2B data platform is the size of the database. After all, you don’t want to run out of data. Luckily, both Leadiro and ZoomInfo have databases that contain millions of records. Either platform will have more than enough data for your needs. ZoomInfo holds a larger dataset than Leadiro however the bulk of ZoomInfo’s database is made up of contacts with a relatively low seniority level. There are simply many times more Manager level contacts than C-Suite contacts, so whether that is a benefit to you will be dictated by your marketing and sales strategy.

Its worth noting that in 2019 ZoomInfo announced a strategic decision to move away from providing EMEA data within its platform. At the point of writing this article ZoomInfo still provides EMEA data within its system but they are not actively refreshing the content and it’ll be phased out during 2020, so if you target any geographies outside of North America, then Leadiro is a terrific option.

The Database Size Verdict: ZoomInfo!
ZoomInfo wins with its database size unless you're targeting the EMEA region in which case Leadiro is certainly the better option for you moving forwards.


ZoomInfo doesn’t have a transparent pricing structure available on their website. There’s nothing wrong with that if it works for them and is typical of an organisation targeting Fortune 500 level accounts and charging a premium for a highly tailored service. As their pricing is custom based on the number of credits you buy at once, the cost will vary and is really targeted towards large organisations. Typical costs for ZoomInfo’s most basic plans start at a minimum of $5000 for 5000 contacts making the cost per contact $1 when buying at that scale. If you start adding on the extras that you may require like multi-users, CRM integration and more then you’re looking at a minimum commitment pushing towards $10,000 per annum.

If you feel like you’re paying too much for your ZoomInfo data, then Leadiro may well be the solution for you. Leadiro has Monthly, Quarterly or custom plans available with no contracts or hidden fees.

Leadiro's pricing is fully transparent with the price per downloaded contact is as little as $0.05 (5 cents) per record. Why would you want to pay ten times more for exactly the same contact record details from ZoomInfo?


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The Pricing Verdict: Leadiro wins!
The cost per contact for Leadiro plans is typically 5-10 times cheaper than ZoomInfo for exactly the same data. Why would you want to pay more?

Contract Terms

Leadiro provides monthly, quarterly and custom plans with no contracts where users can access their account settings and choose to cancel, upgrade or downgrade their subscriptions at any point. All of ZoomInfo subscriptions are for minimum terms of 12 months providing the flexibility to upgrade but not to cancel or downgrade plans.

The Contract Terms Verdict: Leadiro wins!
Leadiro is the clear winner providing a flexible solution for your evolving needs.

Technographic Data

Access to technographic data is a game-changer for sales and marketing teams within the technology space. It enables you to see the advanced technologies that companies are using to provide insight into whether leads are a good fit or not. Whether you’re looking for users of Salesforce, Office 365, McAfee AV, RackSpace, Hubspot or any one of +6,500 technologies we have the intelligence that you need for your next competitor displacement campaign or to identify your perfect audience. If you’re new to technographic data check out this comprehensive guide. Leadiro is integrated with the world’s largest repository of technographic data.

You can access Leadiro's tech data on all of our pricing plans. When you use it, there is a small fee for each account’s tech data that you access. Overall, both Leadiro and ZoomInfo have high-quality technographic data, but you can expect to pay more for ZoomInfo’s.

The Technographic Verdict: Leadiro wins!
Leadiro has more technographic data than ZoomInfo which can be accessed with the most basic plans at a reduce cost.

Customer Base

ZoomInfo has an enviable customer base with a specific focus on larger enterprise accounts. In fact ZoomInfo specifically qualify themselves out of servicing the small to SME portion of the market with their pricing plans. Leadiro is also used by professionals within the World’s biggest companies, that’s testament to the quality of our database, but our focus is on providing a solution for the small to SME market. Why should you have to pay more for your data just because you don’t have 50 sales reps?

Leadiro is used by thousands of professionals in leading companies.

The Customer Base Verdict: Draw
Both ZoomInfo and Leadiro have a fantastic list of customers. ZoomInfo has more Fortune 500 companies so if you're a large enterprise then you may favour them, however Leadiro works with significantly more SME and smaller sized organizations.

Time to ROI

When you start to scale your outbound sales and marketing, you don’t want to be wasting any time. The faster you can source new leads and close new business, the better. A key benefit of using Leadiro is that you can get started immediately. Once you sign up to one of our plans, you’ll have instant access to the Leadiro platform and can download your data immediately, then put it to use in your campaigns. If you'd rather get to know your way around the platform first, that's fine too. You can schedule a demo with our data experts and we’ll show you how to use Leadiro and the best ways to solve your challenges with our data.

With Leadiro you’ll be able to see ROI in no time at all and we frequently have customers that tell us that they've generated appointments within 24 hours of subscribing to Leadiro and generating revenue within 30 days! As we’ve seen, you’ll need to request to see ZoomInfo’s pricing, and you’ll need to wait to talk to their sales team before signing up and trying the platform. For businesses who want to jump straight in and start using B2B data in their sales and marketing, Leadiro will be a better fit for you. Both Leadiro and ZoomInfo have a free trial, too.

The Time to ROI Verdict:
Leadiro wins!

If you're looking for speed then Leadiro's self-service sign-up and easy to use interface will allow you to access and export key data for your next sales & marketing campaign within minutes.

Wrapping Up: Is Leadiro a good ZoomInfo alternative?

Both Leadiro and ZoomInfo are powerful B2B data solutions. You’ll have access to a huge amount of accurate contact data, ideal to use in your sales and marketing campaigns and to build your lead pipeline quickly. Leadiro is the more affordable option and contains powerful features on par with ZoomInfo, making it the ideal alternative. You'll have access to technographic data, advanced data selection, as well as being able to import your ABM lists to speed up the data sourcing process. Leadiro is the best solution to supercharge your sales and marketing efforts and to help you close more deals with great leads.

The Final Verdict: Leadiro wins 5-2!
As we've shown Leadiro is a great alternative to ZoomInfo's B2B database.

“Leadiro's cell phone data has been a game changer for me. I'm making less calls and speaking with more decision makers than ever before.”

Senior Business Development Manager - North America

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